Henna Night and Sparagmos - The University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre

WHERE: Studio Theatre located in the basement of the Cathedral of Learning, 4200 Fifth Avenue in Oakland

WHEN: April 13 - 17 Wednesday through Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 7PM with additional Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2PM

TICKETS: Call 412-624-PLAY or visit www.play.pitt.edu, $25 single tickets, 

$12 students, $15 senior citizens, $20 Pitt faculty, staff and alumni

Henna Night 

By Amy Rosenthal

Directed by Jess Edelstein

Judith leaves a frantic voicemail on her ex’s machine, hinting at pregnancy and threatening to commit suicide (or maybe just dye her hair.)  But it isn’t Judith’s exboyfriend who comes rushing to the rescue.  It’s Ros, the other woman.  Amy Rosenthal’s Henna Night is a witty and poignant exploration of love, that’s as entertaining as it is wickedly perceptive.


Directed by David Bisaha

Choreography by Ariel Nereson

Rich choreography and a lyrical ear come together to create this original interpretation of a very old story.  Based on Ian Johnston’s translation of Euripides’ The Bacchae, Sparagmos will leave you awed at the power of visual theatre.  

The University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Theatre Arts (founded in 1982) offers BA, MA, MFA and PhD degrees in Theatre Arts.  All faculty members are active in teaching, research, and artistic projects.  The department shares a philosophy of theatre education, the chief feature of which is the firm conviction that theory and practice, academic and creative work, and educational and professional theatre must be integrated for a successful program of theatre education.  The University of Pittsburgh 

Repertory Theatre is the department’s flagship theatre company with performance spaces in the landmark Stephen Foster Memorial and the Cathedral of Learning.  For more information about the University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre, please visit www.play.pitt.edu.  

For more information, photos, or to speak with the directors, please contact Josh Storey at 412-624-0933 or jstorey -at- pitt.edu.

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